About Baroniet

baroniet1-sBaroniet Adelswärd AB is a modern forest management company, which owns and manages forest and agricultural properties in the municipalities of Åtvidaberg and Kinda. The estate is one of the largest private estates in Sweden and covers approximately 22,000 hectares or 55,000 acres. The company engages in active forestry, agriculture and hunting & fishing management.

Baroniet's sales amount to approximately SEK 60 million per year. The company has eight permanent employees and twenty contractors mainly in forest operations. Together, forestry and agriculture account for 80 per cent of the company's total sales.

The history of the family business

The foundations of the family business were laid in 1782 when State Govenor of Östergötland Johan Adelswärd bought out the co-owners of Åtvidabergs Kopparverk. The company had successfully produced copper in Åtvidaberg for several decades and purchased large forested areas as well.

In 1783, King Gustav III established the Adelswärd Barony (Adelwärdska baroniet) which has always been and still, to this day, remains Sweden's sole barony. Johan Adelswärd converted the estate into an entailed estate (fideikommiss), which enables it to be inherited from father to eldest son without division. As a result of that decision, Baroniet's large land holdings now consist of 22,000 hectares.


Entailed estates were abolished in Sweden in 1964. As a result, the family business, Baroniet Adelswärd AB, was founded in 1972 to prevent the property from being divided during succession. The most recent succession was in 2005 when Gustaf Adelswärd took over Baroniet Adelswärd AB. He currently serves as the chairman of the family business's board.

Our company's strength lies in its 10 generations of history" Gustaf Adelswärd, Chairman of the Board of Baroniet Adelswärd

logo-footBaroniet Adelswärd AB owns and manages forest and agricultural properties in southern Östergötland and northern Småland covering approximately 22,000 hectares including water. Our Adelsnäs headquarters is located in Åtvidaberg in southern Östergötland and remains one of Sweden's largest private agricultural estates. The company operates in four segments: forest management, agricultural operations, property management and wildlife management.