Baroniet - Viltvård


Forest and agricultural management for the future

Baroniet Adelswärd owns and cultivates land in Åtvidaberg and Kinda municipalities with Adelsnäs as the headquarters for its operations. Established in 1783, with a long-term perspective, ten generations of the Adelswärd family have taken great care in managing what is now one of Sweden's largest private estates.

Baroniet currently operates in four main activities: forestry, agriculture, properties and hunting & fishing. What these business activities have in common are productive farming methods as well as high levels of expertise and experience throughout each activity.


Welcome to Baroniet

Baroniet has seven permanent employees and twenty contractors, mainly in forest operations. Some information about our employees and how to contact them below.

logo-footBaroniet Adelswärd AB owns and manages forest and agricultural properties in southern Östergötland and northern Småland covering approximately 22,000 hectares including water. Our Adelsnäs headquarters is located in Åtvidaberg in southern Östergötland and remains one of Sweden's largest private agricultural estates. The company operates in four segments: forest management, agricultural operations, property management and wildlife management.